Environmental & Sustainability


The Meadows understands that we are accountable for what we do, what we produce and what we leave behind. It is our legacy to ensure we leave a sustainable imprint for the future. Our passion for the environment and its conservation has driven us to be as sustainable and green as possible.

Waste Minimisation

The Meadows is proud to say that we are among the industry leaders in recycling initiatives. Not one piece of waste produced on site ends up in landfill. We segregate 13 different waste streams on site for recycling including paper, cardboard, glass, metal, plastic and food. Any waste that we are unable to recycle is sent to a waste to energy site.

Climate Change and Energy Management

Our levels of energy consumption are important to us and we have been diligent in our efforts to reduce them. For example by replacing our existing lighting with low energy alternatives and installing movement sensors to our back of house lighting, it’s these small changes which have made a big difference. Furthermore, our lighting strategy is continuously reviewed in order to reduce our energy consumption further. As part of the refurbishment in 2014 all lighting in the centre was replaced with energy efficient LED lighting.

Water Management

We have made a concerted effort to reduce our levels of water consumption and water wastage especially in our customer toilets. All of our toilets have been fitted with water efficient flushes, aerators have been installed to all push button taps to ensure optimum efficiency and the male urinals have been changed to a waterless system.

Responsible sourcing

We have developed and implemented responsible sourcing guidelines into our everyday operations. This also ensures both our suppliers and contractors are aligned to our sustainability objectives and initiatives.

Enhancing Biodiversity and Land Use

We are corporate members of the Essex Wildlife Trust and actively work with the trust to identify wildlife around the city centre and assist in their protection.


At the Meadows we strive for excellence in sustainability and over the last five years we have won a total of eight environmental awards. There is a team commitment in all of our activities and the passion that staff and contractors have about the environment is relayed throughout these activities.

IS0 1400

The Meadows is ISO14001 accredited – This is an International Standard, accredited to businesses who demonstrate their commitment to sustainable activities. The system provides the framework to allow us to meet increasingly high customer expectations of corporate responsibility as well as legal and regulatory requirements.