Clear your mind with a trip to The Meadows

A trip to The Meadows could give you much more than a full tummy and bags of shopping!

Recent research has shown that taking a walk around waterways is now proven to help people deal with stress, feeling low and loneliness. We all love a calming walk by the river, looking at the ducks and other wildlife enjoying the fresh air. But now we have proof that a break from work and a stroll by water can benefit your mental health too!

The Canal and River Trust have revealed that visiting waterways is associated with higher levels of life satisfaction. They want to promote a ‘natural health service’, and some GP’s are prescribing a canal side walking route to help patients deal with their health conditions.

Our beautiful surroundings at The Meadows means we aren’t too far away from seeing both the River Can and the River Chelmer.

You could start your trip to Chelmsford by parking at Q Park, then taking a nice stroll along the river to the city centre.
Or visit one of The Meadows’ cafés and restaurants in prime location of the beautiful river. BB’s have a lovely outdoor seating area, perfect for a little afternoon pick me up in the sun.

Backnang Square is a glorious space to enjoy in the sunshine with a great view of River Chelmer. With Giraffe, River Café, Wildwood and Costa allowing you to have you a quick coffee, lunch or dinner in beautiful surroundings.

Then on 1st July we’ll have the famous Dragonboat race taking place in the River Chelmer. Expect lots of fun and excitement there (probably not the peaceful surroundings we are used to), and allow the waterways to enhance your mood and wellbeing.